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            Essay on Career

            • My Career As A Career

              1283 Words  | 6 Pages

              know what exactly what I wanted to do with a career. I was between two careers trying to figure out what would be best for me. The CIT career would be nice to learn something entirely new and at the same time tie it in with business some how. The problem I was having is trying to figure out what I was going to do with it. Doing the first set of activities in this class allowed me to learn what I really wanted in a job and what I can do with out. My career must allow me freedom to choose what I want

            • Career Progression And The Career Development

              795 Words  | 4 Pages

              of planning. But career progression and the ability find a job that doesn’t feel like work requires meticulous research and focus. In this guide, we’ll explain career progression and the reasons why it’s so important. We’ll provide a four-step plan to help you develop a plan that guarantees you don’t feel left behind when it comes to achieving your career goals. What is career progression? The concept of career progressing is closely tied to the idea of career development. Career development is

            • Personal Career Development : Career Goals

              1531 Words  | 7 Pages

              An individual’s career choice is often influenced by a myriad of different motivations and impulses. Prior to this course, I was quite ignorant of the magnitude these characteristics and traits hold over our professional lives. Career development is very much a division or subset of an individual’s personal development. These two aspects of development seem to be inextricably connected, thus attempting to isolate either measure would seem to create a discord in an individual 's job or life satisfaction

            • Career Management : A Career And Managing Diversity

              5040 Words  | 21 Pages

              Ritson started the Career Management course, an elective, for her Human Resource Management degree. Thinking that this course was to engage how to provide career support to others, the course allowed Ritson to understand needs, wants, and desires with future employment opportunities. Career Management has provided insight into the changing landscape of careers through the study of careers, and further established a foundation of different career stages and contexts. Career Management has dispensed

            • Reflection On Career Development

              839 Words  | 4 Pages

              aspects related to career development. This lesson encourages students to discover their academic and personal strengths, their skillsets, and their interests. Students then take those concepts and apply them to career exploration. They are able to link their strengths, preferences, and abilities to potential future career paths. Some of the specific aspects of career development that I addressed include applying planning and career exploration in setting and obtaining lifelong career goals, applying

            • The Importance Of A Career For Myself

              1012 Words  | 5 Pages

              1) What 's the most important thing for you to get from your career? This is a question I have been asking myself quite a bit lately as I approach postgrad life. I believe the most important aspect of a career for myself is meaningfulness and being able to further my knowledge. I find I work best when I can see a tangible outcome. If I am working on a project, it really helps to know that the work I am doing will affect someone or something in a positive way. Apart from meaningfulness, I

            • Career Development Is the Responsibility of the Individual.

              735 Words  | 3 Pages

              two points to substantiate our stand that career development is the responsibility of the company. The two points are, individual career development is limited and career plateau. Firstly, as mentioned by my first speaker, career development is important as it trains employees to be adaptable to different kind of working environment and situations. Furthermore, as stated by Stone 2009, career development is organisation-centered. This means that career development is the company’ responsibility

            • Essay Analyzing Career Theories

              964 Words  | 4 Pages

              person is based on their career. In our society, it would behoove us to look at the path that leads to becoming a doctor instead of a drug dealer. Application of career theories to my own life allows for analyzing past and future career decisions. Holland’s Theory of Careers states that one’s vocation is an expression of self, personality, and way of life. There is an indisputable and fundamental difference in the quality of life one experiences if they choose a career one truly enjoys, versus

            • My Career Plan

              3086 Words  | 13 Pages

              my personal career. Here are four sections consisted of my preferred personal career, my networking strategy, my online professional presence and my written job applications. All these details are based on my previous personal brand, my ideal career and basic marketing knowledge. Four sections 1. My preferred personal career 1) Explain which career type I prefer I prefer the Portfolio Career. Here are the reasons why I choose it as follows. * I can pick up my favourite career because I have

            • Disadvantages Of Career Counseling

              847 Words  | 4 Pages

              who don’t have an exact or clear-cut view of themselves or their future career. I especially feel they could be useful to high school seniors in their decision of whether they want to attend a four year college, two year college, technical training program or go right into the workforce. At this very young age most will not know what they want to do for the rest of their lives and many may not realize they may change careers more than a few times. These tests, in combination with an aptitude test

            • Career Counseling Plan For Katie Golanski

              825 Words  | 4 Pages

              This paper is a career counseling plan for Katie Golanski and examines her current skills, potential and as well as future goals. Several assessments will be examined and applied to this plan, such as the Kuder scale, and Meyers Brigg. Specific career counseling theories will also be applied to the output. Finally, recommendations for Katie will be made to best utilize her assets. Katie is a twenty-three year single Caucasian female with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology

            • Career As An Individual Phenomenon

              3154 Words  | 13 Pages

              Whilst a great body of careers theory literature leans towards “career as an individual phenomenon” (Schneidhofer, Latzke & Mayrhofer, 2015), careers cannot be isolated from other factors. Grandjean (1981, p.1057) places careers at “the intersection of societal history and individual biography”. Changes in context do impact on careers, however, the extent to which they do so in isolation is difficult to measure. Context has an important part to play, offering careers “a set of external structures

            • Developing A Plan For Career Success

              1369 Words  | 6 Pages

              Creating Your Career Plan Developing a plan for career success can be described as journey of self-discovery. Many leaders have taken time to understand in depth their leadership skills by consistently refining skill sets but also always looking to better one self. To achieve our goals in leadership, one must develop one’s skills and construct a career plan to guide them to their goals. In the class Applying Leadership Principles, we have taken time to learn about what defines a leader and how that

            • Balancing A Career and A Family Essay

              1423 Words  | 6 Pages

              Balancing A Career and A Family Abstract Regardless of where they are in their careers, working mothers have a tough time achieving balance between work and family. Generally, women take on or are given more responsibility for their 天津彩票官方开奖s than are men, leading to frustration and exhaustion. In this paper we will address some of the issues involved in balancing career and family. This paper will provide some solutions for the most common problems arising from todays busy schedules, and provide

            • Different Stages Of Career And Life

              850 Words  | 4 Pages

              Different Stages in Career and Life According to Capuzzi & Stauffer (2012), the tenuous, but nonetheless important, relationship between the different stages in career and life are understood to be explored in clients in two different stages of change. The first stage is known as the transtheoretical model of behavioral change. This model consists of six stages that clients experience during the onset of their change (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2012). The stages of change are (DiClemente, 2003): precontemplation

            • Career Theories Based Off Information

              1046 Words  | 5 Pages

              Career Theories Based off information received in the interview, it appears that artistic (A) would likely be his strongest area in the Holland code. He enjoys activities that allow him to be creative. This is true in work and in leisure. He currently enjoys the creativity in his work, and enjoyed it as a cook, as well. Plus, he enjoys painting and music. His artistic side was a theme throughout the interview. While the artistic side is clear, I would also theorize that he could fall under investigative

            • Analysis Of Lynda Gratton And Erik Brynjolfson's Career

              1032 Words  | 5 Pages

              their careers. Emma Jacobs, who interviewed five individuals for the Financial times, demonstrates distinct perspectives on the most efficient method to approaching an obstacle in one’s career. Lynda Gratton and Erik Brynjolfsson believe that one must change as technology gradually develops by attaining certain skills and having a new perspective towards a career they adore. Meanwhile, Martin Ford believes that only the government can assist individuals on how to future-proof their career. Nonetheless

            • Career Plan Reflection Paper

              665 Words  | 3 Pages

              Career Plan Reflection Paper: After completing the Career Plan on the University Of Phoenix Career website my results were as follows. The career profiled deemed me as enterprising, realistic and social. The website defines enterprising as frequently involving starting up and carrying out projects. These occupations can involve leading people and making many decisions. Sometimes they require risk taking and often deal with business. The website defines realistic as occupations frequently involving

            • A Reflection On My Career Path

              2317 Words  | 10 Pages

              My career path has undoubtedly been influenced by the people who I have come across in my life. Those people have shaped and molded me in some fashion be the person that I am and who I strive to become. I have been and will continue to foster a compassionate ideology and lifestyle. My family coming from no more than the clothes on their back, leaving a worn torn country天津彩票官方开奖 with no education have helped me better understand my role in life. I know and have come to a remedial understanding of how I am

            • Units 4 & 5 Career Guidance Interviews

              3378 Words  | 14 Pages

              Unit 4 and 5 Evaluate the purpose of different types of career guidance interviews Evaluate methodologies to explore the career guidance and development needs of clients Corney and Watts (1998) define information and advice as; ‘providing an immediate response to the needs of clients who present an enquiry or reveal a need that requires more than a straightforward information response. Advice is usually limited to helping with the interpretation of information and with meeting needs already

            • Career Counseling Over the Lifespan Essay

              3622 Words  | 15 Pages

              Abstract Career counseling over the lifespan has more than an occupational focus, it deals with the person’s entire being with a vision that includes one’s lifespan. Career counseling takes into consideration character development, character skills, life roles, individual life and work history, goals, and obstacles. A career counselor not only assists a client with a career plan, but also with a life plan. This paper focuses on two categories of career counseling. The first focus is the history

            • Use Of Savickas ' Career Construction Theory

              1855 Words  | 8 Pages

              The following case study will use Savickas ' Career Construction Theory. After finding himself unemployed after 27 years experience working in a local coal mine, the client has decided to go to school for some retraining; however, he does not know where to start. A brief history of the client 's case will be provided, along with an explanation of Savickas ' theory and some reasons why the theory has been chosen for the case. Finally, two interventions will be suggested followed by a description

            • What Makes A Successful Career Essay

              881 Words  | 4 Pages

              The reasons why people succeed in their careers are probably as numerous as the number of successful people. When we begin to think about the qualities these people possess, it becomes apparent that we can classify or catagorize them into a few specific groups&amp;#8211;those who really enjoy their work, those who are obsessed with their work (they either want to be the 'best'; or have a fear of failure), those who are blessed with exceptional talent in their field, and those who have planned their

            • Career Counseling And Development Counseling

              1083 Words  | 5 Pages

              more guidance to figure out certain aspects of life. This is where career counseling comes to be of great help. Professionals aid in helping others make informed decisions about their careers by counseling individuals in aspects of self-awareness and development. They also offer services by educating their clients in career choices and the changes they may endure over time. Many theories have been developed in the field of career counseling and development, and today we will be briefly discussing

            • Why Is Career Counseling Important?

              1400 Words  | 6 Pages

              Why is career counseling important? According to the National Career Development Association (2009), when considering career options you will want to learn more about yourself and how to carry out decisions and plans for your life and future career opportunities. Career decision assessments can help individuals identify interests, make decisions, and increase personal self awareness. Counselors in mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, social services counseling, etc. will work with

            • How Career Development Is Influenced By Life Choices And Human Development

              2021 Words  | 9 Pages

              Career Development is an important phase of one’s life, as it focuses employment opportunities as well as educational training (Niles & Bowlsbey, 2013). This process allows people to create a work identity. Career development is influenced by life choices and human development. There are many resources available to assist individuals in deciding a career path. For example, a resource library can be a helpful tool consist of a comprehensive directory of information about books, employment information

            • The Importance Of Career Counseling And The Effect Of Ethnic Discrimination Are Mutually Exclusive Events?

              891 Words  | 4 Pages

              Discussion: The studies by Chau Hsiao Lan, Tawanda Majoko, and Milsom are conducted in the context of Taiwan, Zimbabwe, and the United States respectively, which show that career counseling and the impact of ethnic discrimination are mutually exclusive events. There are a number of shared problems associated with the counseling of students who have learning disabilities, including the lack of training of the counselors, inappropriate policies, and the negative attitude of stockholders towards the

            • Analysis Of Career Counseling Sessions With A Client

              1897 Words  | 8 Pages

              This is a summary of career counseling sessions with a client, by the name of Ellen N., she is currently employed but is considering switching employers. Ellen and I completed various assessments to assist with providing her options for future employment. The assessments utilized were Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Holland Codes, Kuder Career Assessment. Ultimately, determining that this clients’ case would be best served by using the Attachment Theory and the Family System theory in order

            • Legal And Ethical Issues Of The National Career Development Association

              1105 Words  | 5 Pages

              multiculturally, and in accordance to ethical codes. The National Career Development Association (NCDA) Code of Ethics (2015) section A.1.b. identifies the distinction of counseling services provided between career planning and career counseling. Being a biracial single mother with major health issues as well as a full time job are Naomi’s leading environmental factors that may prove to be her biggest challenge in assessing her overall ability to make a career change as she not only has to find the time to attend

            • Career Counseling, And Super 's Development Theory

              1840 Words  | 8 Pages

              Career counseling theories are as diverse as the counselors who practice them and the clients who experience them. Understanding and applying the appropriate theory for each unique client is imperative. Many career counselors use a variety of theories and techniques when working with students through their exploration and career commitment process. Career theories I will describe in this piece include, Social Cognitive Career Theory, Solution-Focused Career Counseling, and Super’s Development Theory

            • Career Scavenger Hunt Essay

              1755 Words  | 8 Pages

              Career Scavenger Hunt Instructions Part I: NCDA Scavenger Hunt 1. What is the relationship of the NCDA to the American Counseling Association? The relationship of the NCDA to the American Counseling Association is that the “NCDA is a founding division of the American Counseling Association and collaborates with the ACA to jointly represent the interest of counselors in congress and in the national legislative process” (NCDA, 2015). 2. What is the purpose of the NCDA? The purpose of the NCDA is

            • Choosing Your It Career Path

              12084 Words  | 49 Pages

              CHOOSING AND NAVIGATING YOUR IT CAREER PATH Newton 's First Law of Motion states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an external force. This is true of careers as well, including yours. Where do you want your IT career to be in one year? Do you want to have earned several IT certifications in that time, therefore advancing your IT career? Or do you want to be in the exact same place you are today? The only person who

            • Internet Is Getting More Advanced

              1388 Words  | 6 Pages

              because of Internet. Some people may argue that Internet has negatively effects students’ personal life and distracted them from finishing their assignments. Although the Internet can be distracting if it not used wisely but no matter what programs or careers students are going into, having access to the Internet is beneficial. It allows students to do their research without having to gather so many books from the library, but instances they can do their research online while at 天津彩票官方开奖. Students can communicate

            • Essay on Miles Franklin's My Brilliant Career

              1284 Words  | 6 Pages

              Miles Franklin's My Brilliant Career Topic: Give a detailed analysis of a key scene or passage from "My Brilliant Career" by Miles Franklin. The focus and essence of My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin is centred on the relationships and interactions of Sybylla Melvyn (the key character of the novel), towards other characters. The ways in which she reacts to different people and why she reacts in a particular manner, are perhaps more crucial and intriguing to the reader, than any distinct

            • Gender Differences Between Work And Life

              1026 Words  | 5 Pages

              differences in answers. On another note the article by Stewart Friedman, Work + 天津彩票官方开奖 + community + self, the main focus is on three key principles to focus on to be better at integration between work and life. Each article’s content can be a guide in career planning and to help with one’s professional development. The article Manage your work, manage your life discusses the popular topic of work and life balance. Interviews were conducted and researched with over 4,000 executives worldwide and 82 executives

            • My Current Level Of Responsibility And Contribution Of The Merchant 天津彩票官方开奖 Division

              925 Words  | 4 Pages

              which processes or performance indicators lend themselves to optimization. Executive management recognizes the strategic value that predictive and prescriptive analytics have on quantifying business decisions. What are your career goals for the next five years? My five-year career goals involve continuing to increase my knowledge and expertise in BB&T Merchant 天津彩票官方开奖 while graduating from the UNC EMBA program. Being a student in the UNC EMBA program will allow me to participate in cohort-based courses

            • Personal Statement : Personal Development

              777 Words  | 4 Pages

              contributions. To maximize my most valuable asset and to be a more impactful leader in my future career, I need to make a positive impact and be a role model for others through understanding of my core values and blind spots of my personality or what I call them my strength and weaknesses. Knowing my personal strengths can also aid a lot in picking the right career or making good decisions in my future career. The simple fact is that if I Put my attention on my passions, I can create an enthusiastic crowd

            • Essay on The Changing World of Work

              1176 Words  | 5 Pages

              The Changing World of Work For this assignment the aim of the report it going to focus and explain on how such organisations benefit from career management and in what ways career management benefits individuals. The demand for excellent people is always high but the supply, unfortunately, always falls well short of demand. The naturally excellent sales person, manager, accountant and so on, is already working for someone else perhaps in his or her own business and there

            • How Did The Case Study Person Implement Any Plan?

              1605 Words  | 7 Pages

              skills, interests, etc. before choosing his career.  Secondly, he concentrated on his goal and took coaching how to achieve it, collected knowledge about that particular goal and learned about all the related information. He did voluntarily jobs to learn cooking as in professional way.  After learning each and every corner of his cooking he was full of confident and chooses it as a successful career plan and also implement on it. (3.1)Ask your career case study person about the ‘fit’ of some of

            • Chapter 8 : Put It All Together For Pre Interview Questions

              773 Words  | 4 Pages

              can show you better than I can tell you. Pull up a Youtube video of you working at your current job. It seems extreme but why not? Chapter 9: Find A Mentor Who Is Familiar With Your New Career Choice Practice the interview questions with a mentor because they will provide valuable insight about your career choice, getting you closer to the dream job. No matter who the mentors are they will offer valuable knowledge about the job you do not have. If you cannot find no mentors in person, then search

            • Values Is The Core Being Of Who You Are And Influences How You Conduct Yourself

              855 Words  | 4 Pages

              Values are the core being of who you are and influences how you conduct yourself. Your values are guidelines for making important decisions such as who to marry, what type of career to pursue and the list goes on. Values are grown from the time you are an infant into adulthood and do not change drastically, but can change in priority as you go through life. As Johnston (2014) states, “Much research indicates that while our attitudes and interests may change as a result of life experiences our

            • Uop Smart Goals Essay

              642 Words  | 3 Pages

              University of Phoenix Material SMART Goals Part A: Reflect on your results from the Career Interest Profiler Activity and the Career Plan Building Activity: Competencies. Building on your strengths and weaknesses, create five SMART goals to help you with your personal academic and career journey. Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Goal Setting Example: Take a writing workshop in the next 2 to 3 weeks to help me improve my writing skills in order to successfully communicate with

            • My Goals In My Life

              925 Words  | 4 Pages

              The big question, “What do I want to do with my life?” floats through my mind more and more often as graduation approaches. I have many goals and ambitions I wish to achieve after high school, but deciding something as important as what career I should pursue has brought me much uneasiness. These past few months I have struggled to figure out what I am truly passionate about; however, as I mature I begin to find so much fulfillment in helping others, both mentally and physically. Growing up with

            • The Work-Meaning Connection Essay examples

              1646 Words  | 7 Pages

              reexamining their careers in light of the growing realization that work should be more than a job. Instead of listening to internal signals, many individuals make choices about work and careers on the basis of external criteria such as income potential, status, and the opinions of others. Although they may achieve success in these careers, they may be unhappy and dissatisfied because their work is not aligned with who they are—their "core self" (Clark 1999-2000). Others may select careers based on their

            • Myers Brigg Type Indicator, And The Four Dimensions Of Personality Types

              1539 Words  | 7 Pages

              feeling, and judging). People falling into this category are often known as nurturers. Additionally, individuals of this personality type tend to be practical, and sensitive towards other’s feelings. These traits make the ISFJ personality ideal for careers such as counseling where they are needed to give practical and emotional support. ISFJ personality types are reliable, and exhibit a strong sense of responsibility and duty (Sharf, 2013). Moreover, this personality type prefers organization, planning

            • Reflection Of Communication And Communication

              1152 Words  | 5 Pages

              about resources in our society that will assist people that have served in the way. Certain things like VA hospitals and helping them deal with their past trauma. The fourth resource that I took away from this course is learning about the multiple career counseling theories; this will assist in my communication and helping with my client as it relates to their future goals. The fourth fact that I learned from this course is the importance of self-care and making sure every day you are taking good

            • Non-Traditional Students Essay example

              765 Words  | 4 Pages

              non-traditional students fall into many categories; they are students’ older then 22, students that have been displaced from marriage or job, Students that want to reenter school due to previous academic failure, or students that want to make a career change. Traditional students are those students that have just graduated high school and are between the ages of 18-22. What type services does the non-traditional student need in comparison with the traditional student? In a study conducted

            • Recruitment And Retention Of Nontraditional Students

              1689 Words  | 7 Pages

              Students The reality for career technical educators with regard to broadening representation of both men and women in nontraditional careers is that there needs to be a creative recruitment strategy designed that utilizes the enthusiasm and talents of successful role models (Lucci Jr., W., 2007). Effective recruitment and teaching practices can help educators create learning situations that are conducive for all students to learn, especially those nontraditional students in career clusters. Suggestions

            • Post Retirement Issues Experienced By Athletes Essay

              1222 Words  | 5 Pages

              The previous sections highlighted post-retirement issues experienced by athletes, (i.e., hardships, future concerns, identity issues, career planning decisions, etc.). To summarize, the literature has consistently supported that most athletes struggle with retirement (Warriner & Lavallee, 2008; McGannon & Mauws, 2000; & Reifsteck, 2011), and that athletes who are forced to retire may experience more transition-related difficulties than those who are not (Lavallee, Gordon, & Grove, 1997; & Heird

            • Dealing with Change in Life

              646 Words  | 3 Pages

              We all have dealt with change at one point in our life. Change comes in many ways from having a new baby being born to transitioning to a new career. What I call this is forces of change. Secondly is how we process that change. It may simple and it may not be simple. Lastly once you process the change you are then able to manage change. If you manage change you will not be as stressed if you let it take over you. Change is never when you are ready. Yes you may plan to move to a new 天津彩票官方开奖 or new