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            Reflection Essay

            • Reflection

              1650 Words  | 7 Pages

              Ian-Bradley Tancred This essay analyses and describes what reflection is and how it supports your personal and professional learning. It elaborates upon how and why recognizing your strengths and weaknesses are important and how they can enhance lifelong learning. It describes what arguments and assertions are, what the differences are between them and which one is better. Debnath describes reflection as a means of self-examination to learn from knowledge and experiences which will help transform

            • Reflection

              1479 Words  | 6 Pages

              Reflections Both simple and complex reflections were used. A simple reflection used towards the beginning of the interview transpired into, “pretty active out doing a lot of things.” Alternatively, a complex reflection used when reflecting on Sarah’s feelings about what her friends think about her not socializing subsisted of, “it bothers you thinking about them, wondering about your intentions.” I used twice as many complex reflections as simple reflections. Unfortunately, I should have used

            • Reflection Paper On Reflection

              1134 Words  | 5 Pages

              My Reflection Rheann Ridley Colorado Christian University My Reflection August 28, 2017, the first day of my fresh and scary journey. My first day as a Colorado Christian University student, English composition online is my first class. Part of me is ready; part of me is ready to throw in the towel. I hadn’t even had a chance to turn a paper in, and the first assignment, a 5-paragraph essay had me thinking “you’re a crazy person for going back to school, it’s been 11 years since

            • Reflection On The Word ' Reflection '

              701 Words  | 3 Pages

              For me the word ‘reflection’ means taking time to really dig deep into my thoughts, to contemplate something meaningful and significant, to make a decision that often involves me and my future. It has a personal and emotional connection. Daudelin (1996) uses the word ‘reflection’ to encourage managers to create time to recognise the value of learning from past and current work situations (‘experience’) and to adapt this learning to new situations. I would prefer to choose the words ‘thought’ or ‘consideration’

            • Reflection

              1218 Words  | 5 Pages

              Reflection on your personal development Reflection is a major factor in "developing self-awareness" to improve services provided to everyone around me, this is to develop my own understanding in realising the good and bad made previously. Moving forward with a better understanding, as well as rectifying the mistake whilst recognizing the good points, (Horton-Deutsch and Sherwood, 2008). Working in a domiciliary setting and visiting vulnerable adults within their 天津彩票官方开奖s, I am constantly trying

            • reflection

              703 Words  | 3 Pages

              helpful/ inspiring. Your completed template form and content should be a CRITICAL reflection of the paper/ chapter content but NOT merely summarize what you have read. TEMPLATE FOR REFLECTIONS ON EXPERIENCES DATE: PLACE: The experience 1. What experience are you reflecting on (class session, project group meeting, particular piece of reading, other)? Give a brief account of this experience. 2. 3. Reflections on Experience 4. 2. Looking back, what was particularly memorable/ interesting

            • Reflection Of Illusion

              1635 Words  | 7 Pages

              Shattering a Reflection of Illusion I stare blankly at the blinking caret. Propped up snugly against three quilted pillows and one calculus textbook is my laptop. To be more specific, a laptop opened to an empty Microsoft Word document. Writing a speech is no easy task, but writing a valedictory address is like playing darts with spaghetti. Humbly accepting the position as the class valedictorian, I have been graced with the task of writing an excerpt that would fill my classmates’ hearts with

            • Nutrition Reflection

              803 Words  | 4 Pages

              This reflection will be written under the use of the Gibbs reflective cycle (1988), I have chosen this model because it breaks the whole reflection process into six sections, which makes writing a reflection a lot simpler and helps me to understand why I am reflecting on a particular subject. Description As a group we had to pick a topic that we would create a A3 poster on and present to our class, our topic was food and nutrition. Within our poster we had to include four main subheadings which

            • Personal Reflection

              791 Words  | 4 Pages

              with politics and patriotism, then we would start by summarizing and analyzing that material, next we would construct and a summary and reflection of that paper. When starting this course I was first given a reading called, "Real Patriots Ask Questions." As I was reading this paper we were to analyze and take notes in the margin about our thoughts and reflections. This process was helpful because when we started our essays about the reading, we could look back at our notes and re-read our initial

            • Reflective Reflection

              1584 Words  | 7 Pages

              knowledge up to date and to practice effectively, safely and legally (Health and Care Professions Council, 2012). Reflection is vital for all healthcare students in order to establish links between theory and practice (Jasper, 2013), that will help increase clinical reasoning and enhance professional practice (Rigby et al., 2012). Using models of reflective thinking makes sure that reflections are meaningful to our personal CPD (Armitage et al., 2012). Models of reflective thinking are designed to aid

            • Reflection Essay

              1616 Words  | 7 Pages

              integral part of nursing. It will also demonstrate how reflection enabled me to make sense of and learn from this experience, as well as identify any further learning developments needed to improve my practice and achieve the level of competency needed for when I qualify as an assistant practitioner. While discussing the knowledge underpinning practice, evidence based literature will be reviewed to support my discussion and for the purpose of reflection the essay will be written in the first person. Spouse

            • Reflection Essay

              781 Words  | 4 Pages

              I determined that I needed a new interest, something to keep my mind engaged and challenged. I enrolled in the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) through the Columbia Southern University (CSU) just for fulfillment. This reflection assignment exercise proves to be the catalyst for my future college endeavors. The assignment to reflect on DBA program dreamed of taking steps towards realizing those ideas and course accomplishments right now. Due to time some course assignments, I will embrace,

            • Nursing reflection.

              12855 Words  | 52 Pages

              Reflective Essay This essay will look at reflection on a critical incident that has promoted a positive outcome. It is not a very major incident but it stands out as it has a potential for learning. This essay will identify and explain Johns' (1994) model of reflection and explain what reflection is and why reflective practice is necessary and how it can be used. Schone (1983) recommended reflection on critical incidence as a valuable term, sited in Ghaye and Lillyman (1997) a critical incident

            • Personal Reflection

              756 Words  | 4 Pages

              Personal reflections are characterized as learning through experience in gaining new insights and changed perception of self and practices. Reflection can be a difficult experience without the support and guidance of an expert (Johns, 2004). This personal reflection presents an exciting opportunity for me to consider how successful my placement in the intermediate care has been in terms of my own personal learning. By reflecting on the positive aspects of the placement, I will be able to make sense

            • The Importance Of Reflection

              1981 Words  | 8 Pages

              those in healthcare who want to provide the highest level of care they can for their patients. It has been proposed that reflection is a more meaningful method of learning than formal teaching. (Jasper 2003) This essay will question that statement; briefly describe how to reflect and will contrast the benefits and drawbacks. Reflection process: In a healthcare setting reflection is the process of critiquing one’s experiences by analysing them based on the relevant literature. (Reid 1993) Professor

            • Reflection On Self Development Through Reflection

              1854 Words  | 8 Pages

              through reflection is a key issue of education and learning (Kennison, 2012), where you learn through experience (Tashiro, Shimpuku, Naruse and Matsutani, 2013), learn to self-evaluate (Duffy, 2013), identify gaps in knowledge and detect where further training or study is required to improve practice (Olarerin, 2013). Ultimately reflection is thought to be constant learning from practice, thus refining knowledge and experiences and putting them into practice (Naidoo, 2013). Within my reflection examples

            • Reflection On The Environment

              744 Words  | 3 Pages

              knowledge in numerous topics. I learned about pollution, cancer, diseases that are caused by the pollution, the hurricanes that formed in a faster period of time because of climate change. For example, Hurricane Maria along with many others, was a reflection of the devastation that is a caused by climate change, leading to the explanation that Greenhouse warming causes a significant formation and intensity of stronger hurricanes. Southern California wildfires were formed because of the low humidity

            • Reflection Analysis

              1307 Words  | 6 Pages

              In order to produce an effective and well developed essay that clearly reflected my purpose to a distinct audience, I maintained a structuralized system throughout the entire process. I made sure to pay close attention to every step taken and self reflect on whether or not the change was an effective step closer to my final draft. In fact, I set up a system of comments and revisions for myself, in order to prioritize development. Not only this, but I also attempted at demonstrating writing techniques

            • Reflection Of A Counselling Session

              1646 Words  | 7 Pages

              summary of my role as a counsellor and the counselling confidentiality agreement. I then asked the client what had brought her to counselling, and throughout the session I used skills such as empathy, unconditional positive regard, minimal responses, reflection of content and feelings, and accurate summarising. Consequently the client seemed to find it easy to open up and the conversation was able to flow smoothly majority of the session. There were some areas for improvement, but overall I believe it

            • Reflection in Nursing

              1478 Words  | 6 Pages

              NurseGateway « 1st year reflection using Gibbs reflective cycle » Welcome天津彩票官方开奖 Guest. Please Login or Register. Jun 26th, 2013, 06:57am NurseGateway Student Quarter Essay Bank (Moderator: Pure Maiden) 1st year reflection using Gibbs reflective cycle « Previous Topic | Next Topic » Pages: 1 Author Topic: 1st year reflection using Gibbs reflective cycle (Read 1195 times) Pure Maiden The Administrator member is offline

            • The Importance Of Reflection In Life

              1492 Words  | 6 Pages

              Reflection can be transcribed and utilized in many different facets throughout the human life experiences. Personally, my favorite definition of the word reflection is from Merriam-Webster and states that reflection is “an effect produced by an influence” (Merriam-Webster). Reflecting is one of the most crucial elements in an individual’s lifetime. It allows someone to understand and learn from a certain experience that can be beneficial to their future endeavors. Reflecting is something that

            • Kasey Rivera Reflection

              1145 Words  | 5 Pages

              Ray Kroc, “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves”. As developing leaders, do we reflected the same standards we set upon ourselves to other? I thought I knew Kasey Rivera before asking others about her. The reflection that people saw of Kasey was different from what she was seeing. On the surface, Kasey Rivera is an eighteen year old college pursuing her bachelor's degree in order to success in the future. However, there is more than just a college student in

            • Essay On Group Reflection

              1046 Words  | 5 Pages

              A reflection of our own experiences allows us to focus on our feelings, actions, and responses and then learn from what we have gained. It provides us with an insight into our strengths and weaknesses as well as exploring the situation from various perspectives. It is a valuable academic tool and we can ask ourselves what it was that we did? What does that mean? What do we need to do next? In order to reflect on my experience with my group, I will be using the Gibbs Framework for Reflection (1988)

            • Reflective Reflection

              717 Words  | 3 Pages

              reflected on events that I had met in each week. Now, I am going to identify essential personal learning outcomes from those events and will include personal awareness of strengths and weaknesses. Among the different models of reflection, I will use the Gibbs model of reflection which entails six stages such as description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, action plan. Description In the past six weeks while I was on placement, I was able to critically reflect on my performance on a weekly

            • Function Of Environmental Reflection

              747 Words  | 3 Pages

              I would like to begin by saying that I have learned a great deal of materials in Dr. Malpede’s Environmental Study 300 course, that have incremented my understanding on environmental topics. We did projects, read articles and books, and wrote reflections about issues related to climate change, ecofeminism, the sixth extinction, and the bad choices of food habits. However, the two topics that were the most appealing to me was ecofeminism and climate change. These topics strengthen my understanding

            • Nursing Reflection

              888 Words  | 4 Pages

              reflecting upon involved a new mother who was feeling slightly stressed about being discharged as her newborn son would not be going 天津彩票官方开奖 with her. For confidentiality reasons, this patient will be given the pseudonym of Kayla for the remainder of this reflection. Kayla and I met on the morning of her discharge while she was finishing packing up her belongings. At this time, I completed her final set of vital signs and began to talk with her about going 天津彩票官方开奖. As I spoke about this topic, I noticed that

            • Persuasive Discourse Reflection

              1579 Words  | 7 Pages

              empower others and engage in a dialogue rather than a one-sided conversation. Although I enjoyed the speakers that challenged me to recognize my privilege and engage in uncomfortable conversations, I also feel that there was not enough time for reflection and dialogue among the students. Although Day of Dialogue included a group activity where we reflected on our own experiences and talked to others, these conversations were highly structured, only allowing one to two minutes for each person to share

            • Reflection on Nursing Handover

              2240 Words  | 9 Pages

              REFLECTION on Nursing Handover I have decided to reflect upon the first time I did a nursing handover. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2004) Code of professional conduct, confidentiality shall be maintained and the patient’s name is changed to protect indentity. Reflective writing is considered a key component of portfolio assessment because it provides evidence of skills development and increasing clinical competence (Smith 2005). What is reflection? Reflection is defined

            • Personal Reflection And Development Plan

              1431 Words  | 6 Pages

              Personal Reflection and Development Plan Reflective practice has helped many people to improve their learning. It is a valuable tool often used by healthcare and education providers to improve their approach to work by questioning their actions. Throughout my short time spent in Higher Education (HE) I have learned many new aspects of learning like different learning styles and models of reflection and this provides me with an opportunity to look back over these ideas and reflect. This will allow

            • Reflection On Career Planning

              999 Words  | 4 Pages

              and is now well-presented, clear, and easy to read as well as including the new legal-experience and other activities I recently acquired. To conclude, I feel that I have overcome the steps required at this stage of my career. As a result of this reflection I have been able to identify key themes for future development and learn more about myself and my potential. I will continue to reflect and develop myself by applying what I have learnt this year to career planning in the future.

            • Self Reflection Essays

              817 Words  | 4 Pages

               Self-­‐Observations  and  Self-­‐  Reflections   Maximum  1000  words  each  term   The  purpose  of  these  three  reports  is  to  demonstrate  how  you  have  used  the  learning  journal  to   develop  your  self-­‐awareness  from  term  to  term.  (See  Section  11  about  the  Learning  Journal)   Each  report  is  due  at  the  first  class  meeting  after  each  reading  week.   Guidelines:   The  Reports  should  include  your  reflections  about:    

            • Benefits Of Reflection On Healthcare

              1872 Words  | 8 Pages

              2.4 Benefits of Reflection in Healthcare For the practitioner, the benefits of reflection includes the identification of learning needs, continual development in practice, the ability to provide evidence-based care and the elimination of routine practice (Jasper et al. 2011 and Bulman 2013). Furthermore, as part of the NMC (2015) code of professional standard and a significant component of the revalidation process, reflective nurses do not only fulfil the regulatory requirements, but to some extent

            • Group Reflection : Group Process

              767 Words  | 4 Pages

              Group Reflection Group My concept of what a group consist of is a story that needs to be told and heard from many people with similar issues or problems. The group is a tool to help each member to gain some insight on how they can change or make a difference in their lives for the future. I feel that a group is a place where new relationships can develop and to find self again. Group Process The group process is facilitated by a counselor by the process has to be done by the members. It can be easy

            • The Importance Of Reflection In Nursing

              812 Words  | 4 Pages

              a clinical environment brought about by critical reflection (Rolfe, Jasper & Freshwater 2011). Reflection has become such a key component in the role of a nurse that the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have seen it fit to include it in their professional code of conduct the Code: Professional Standards of Practice and Behaviour for Nurses and Midwives, hereafter referred to as the Code (Nursing & Midwifery Council [NMC], 2015). With reflection being a vital skill for nurses to continue their

            • Reflection On My Views Of Feminism

              860 Words  | 4 Pages

              Reflection does not come naturally to me. Full time work and school makes it a challenge to stop and reflect. However, I think it’s important to do, as it reminds me how vital it can be for growth and development in all aspects of life. Reflecting on my views of feminism consciously is a first for me, however, I now realize it’s something I’ve contemplated on a subconscious level. The first article I reviewed spoke, interestingly, from a male perspective in support of feminism for his own self establishment

            • Reflective Reflection Essay

              999 Words  | 4 Pages

              outcomes. This essay will focus on how reflective practice is critical for professional life, and how the use of reflection and theory can be used by counselling practitioners to inform their practice. Reflective practice is a complex concept and has many alternate definitions and understandings of what reflective practice actually means. By breaking down the two parts and defining reflection as “serious thought or consideration”, and practice as “the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or

            • Reflection On A Teaching Strategy

              882 Words  | 4 Pages

              Reflection is not a teaching strategy that is usually associated with a mathematics classroom. I have taught mathematics to 8th grade students for the last six years; in my time as a teacher I have found that most of my students are not able to reflect and make the connections that their grade in my class is linked to their actions in class. Similar to most teachers, at the end of a semester I have several students that want extra credit to improve their grade last minute. These are the same students

            • Reflection On Critical Thinking

              1938 Words  | 8 Pages

              Thinking, which lasted just under six weeks, the professor laid out all the assignments from the start on June 5th. We had ten chapter assignments, two papers, two PowerPoints with speeches, and four cases along with a reflection. I completed all assignments except the 400-word case reflection due to an oversight on my part. And there was one assignment where I lacked effort, that was in chapter seven, the teacher noticed it immediately and gave me one strike. His strike system is easy to understand; you

            • Essay On Reflective Reflection

              905 Words  | 4 Pages

              utilising ‘The Model of Structured Reflection’ (Driscoll, 2007) on which the very foundations of this paper are based. Thus this paper will seek to examine my individual experience, which is also inclusive of my interpretation of peer experience. Critical reflection entails assessing past experiences through doing, thinking and feeling to underpin practice which better enables an individual to focus, analyse and evaluate. As a consequence, critical reflection is utilised to inform and develop future

            • The Theory And Practices Of Reflection

              1254 Words  | 6 Pages

              Critical reflection is the active, organised cognitive process used to carefully examine ones thinking and the thinking of others. It draws upon skills used in other ways of thinking, but is viewed as a broader concept that’s differentiated by its holistic, purposeful, reflective and goal orientated nature. Critical thinking is central to quality nursing practice. It is therefore important that nurses purposefully use and develop their critical thinking ability in order to deliver safe and effective

            • Reflection Assignment 3 Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection

              1454 Words  | 6 Pages

              Reflection Assignment 3 Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection For this reflective piece I am going to write about a situation I encountered whilst on my community placement with the district nurse. To write the essay I will be following "Johns model of structured reflection" as a basis to structure my reflection around. Johns Model of Structured Reflection (Johns 1998) 1.Write a description of the experience. Ask yourself: * 'What are the significant issues I need to pay attention to

            • Reflection On Professional Development

              945 Words  | 4 Pages

              people learn from their own professional experiences (Pascal and Brown, 2009). Reflection provides opportunity for furthering personal and professional development (Nganga, 2011). As it helps to certify knowledge skills and experience that is used within practice (Freire, 1972). Boud, Keogh and Walker (1985) states that, looking through past and present experiences helps with progression in the future. The reflection on practice is finding the weaknesses and overcoming them (Dyer and Taylor, 2012)

            • Nursing Reflection Paper

              858 Words  | 4 Pages

              reflecting upon involved a situation in which I realized that I was an acquaintance of a patient my co-caring nurse was preparing to admit to the unit. For confidentiality reasons, this person will be referred to as Betty for the remainder of this reflection. I met Betty about eight years ago, as I was a close friend of her brother. Although her brother and I grew apart, I would still occasionally see Betty around. Never did I think that I would ever see her on the unit in which I was working, but

            • Essay On Reflective Reflection

              768 Words  | 4 Pages

              For my second reflection, I will use a scenario about a client who needed assistance with accommodation services. This reflection will demonstrate how my emerging practice framework is formed, and will critically reflect on the theories, skills, knowledge, and intervention I used to guide my practice. The client is male, in his late 40’s and is a bit disheveled in appearance. He is single, unemployed, and had history with substance abuse. He had a stroke which affected the right part of his body

            • Service Learning (Reflection)

              889 Words  | 4 Pages

              still some conflict about the schedule because he is also being assign in the 3rd year subject, but still he chose us. He brought up all the possibilities of being a medical technologist. On the other side of it, one of his requirements is to make a reflection every meeting, minimum of 3 pages. At first I really don’t know what I’ll be putting to; to fill up 3 pages. However, Mr. Rarangol is kind enough, as always, that we have a 30 minutes allowance before he check our attendance to him. Of course, we

            • Reflection On Reflective Communication

              987 Words  | 4 Pages

              In this essay I will be discussing about the activities and reflection that was undertaken in the second week of semester two of our reflective communication and social work class. Firstly I will be discussing about the values and qualities of those in my family, community and internationally, secondly I will be reviewing my feeling and thoughts towards my values and my own qualities and the qualities of the people I admire and lastly I will go over the mindful exercise by Daniel Siegel. During

            • Counseling, Reflection, And Setting Goals

              1317 Words  | 6 Pages

              ability to attend to my client. I believe I came into these sessions strong in my nonverbal skills and encouragers. Nevertheless, I struggled with focused counseling, reflection of emotions, and setting goals. Intentionality seems to be significant in the growth process; therefore, one of my first actions in response to these reflections will be to create a plan to address my opportunities for growth. The discomfort I experienced in my first couple of sessions stemmed from several different issues

            • Personal Function : Personal Reflection

              1830 Words  | 8 Pages

              for some reason I just do not sit well with my reflection. I honestly do not know what I could have said that would have been better and maybe this was just a time where silence would have been best for the client and I. My reflection felt too rushed and I think that if I would have taken time to really think about what she was saying I would have reflected in a way that would allow the conversation to go deeper. Instead, I felt that my reflection caused the conversation to take a step back, because

            • Reflection On A Critical Incident In PGCE

              915 Words  | 4 Pages

              professional teaching knowledge vision consists of all three of these areas. A series of conceptual frameworks have been used to critically analyse each incident further including: Brookfield’s lenses, Banks Leach and Moons’ model of reflection and Schon and Eraut (1995) reflection on, in and of action. I will primarily analyse my school knowledge incident. I have chosen this incident as it required me to reflect afterwards about how the situation could have been dealt with If occurred again, and how miscommunication

            • Reflection: Health Care Assistant

              805 Words  | 4 Pages

              maintained and all names have been changed to protect identity. The purpose of reflection as stated by John's (1995) is to promote desirable practice through the practitioner's understanding and learning about his/her lived experiences. I have decided to reflect upon an incident with the nurse in charge in one of my shifts and in order to structure my reflection I have decided to use John's (1995) model of reflection. This model encourages practitioners to work through a series of reflective cues